These 6 resources are offering free help and funds for small businesses

A campaign to get clients to pay small businesses faster

Small businesses need money right now to keep their doors open. Yes, federal and state aid will be critical. But it also would be a huge and immediate help to just be paid by clients for work they’ve already completed.
Fundbox, a business-to-business payments processor and small business lender, estimates that on any given day there is $900 billion owed to small businesses with fewer than 100 employees.
One business owner told CNN Business his cash reserves would increase by a month if he just got paid for the jobs his firm has already finished. Typically, small business clients make final payments 30 days or more after a job is done.
That’s why Fundbox and other companies serving small businesses launched a campaign called #paytoday to encourage big companies and government agencies to accelerate their payments to small business vendors. Read more…