Our internal resources

Continued innovation is too important for our healthcare system.
That’s why for the first time - LionBird will be releasing the resources that we’ve relied on internally for navigating the healthcare jungle.

Health System Enterprise SaaS (HSES)

From PMF to GTM scale

How can a first-time founder reasonably navigate the enterprise sale of a large health system?
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Tech-led healthcare services


How do you transition from B2C to B2B? 

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The Business of Pharma


Higher out-of-pocket costs in health insurance and elevated shopper expectations have driven consumers towards a desire for greater control of their health

Within this bucket we are looking for more than just clever marketing plays but rather startups that are bringing real product breakthroughs. This includes companies leveraging science, hardware and AI to generate unique consumer health value propositions, often in the form of trusted advisor-type tools assist in tough and costly choices or as products that solve tangible health needs. The distribution model usually starts as direct to consumer and scales via partnerships. 

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Ahead of the Curve

In each fund, we invest in a limited basis within emerging sectors with potential to impact our future interests. It all starts with finding the right founders with a compelling story to back.

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Our Investment Criteria

Ever wonder how VCs analyze startups? Check out our internal scoring template to see our criteria for deciding who to invest in.