Changing the playing field

We believe the biggest opportunities lie in bold approaches to overlooked market pains.
We focus on specific Practice Areas so we can be high-impact partners to founders.


With the growing healthcare cost and care quality crisis, an eagerness to adopt new digital tools is evident across the healthcare market.

But technology for technology’s sake is not what healthcare stakeholders want or need.

Healthcare systems need end-to-end solutions that help them provide higher quality care to more people at lower costs. Consumers want apps that address their healthcare needs, that are as good or better than other consumer apps in terms of value, design and user experience. We invest in and support teams who deeply understand the healthcare context and can deliver the right solutions.

We invested in Kit Check, Tyto Care, PhysIQ, Protenus, Theranica and Ovia Health.




What we look for:

  • Doing more with less: where technology can address a significant challenge of resource management, adoption is more likely to occur
  • Keeping patients out of the hospital: including technologies that help providers utilize increasing amounts of data as well as tools that empower the individual
  • Technologies that improve the security, accessibility and meaning of consumer health information
How tech is disrupting health
How tech is disrupting health

Financial & Business Services

We are looking for startups challenging existing business practices and models around everyday business decisions.

As software and data sets show up in every aspect of our professional lives, many industries have only just begun the shift from outdated and expensive manual processes, inefficient brokers, and traditional, on-premise software tools.

Although the digital business market is diverse, composed multiple verticals with differing requirements, all companies require access to capital, management tools, human resources, professional services, and exposure to potential clients to grow and sustain their businesses.

We invested in Fundbox, Bento, LawGeex, Bizzabo, Marqeta and FundGuard.

What we look for:

  • Re-inventing inefficient daily workflows and decision making for specific segments
  • Eliminating dependence on middlemen via low-touch, highly personalized, digital-enabled service and sales models
  • Aggregating demand and supply in specific verticals via low cost distribution models and transparent servicing models enabling trust and market growth
How tech is disrupting business
How tech is disrupting business

Emerging Practices

In each fund, we set aside capital to invest on a limited basis in 2-3 additional sub sectors that have potential to form the basis of our future practices. It all starts with finding the right founders with a compelling story to back.

How tech is creating new markets
How tech is creating new markets

Who do we invest in?

Check out our portfolio companies to see who we’ve previously invested in, and while you’re at it, feel free to contact the founders and ask how their experience working with us was.