Q&A: Sweetch co-founder on digital health, wellness and Amazon & Apple influence

Web Content Editor Ian Bolland spoke to Dana Chanan, CEO and co-founder of Sweetch, an artificial intelligence-based digital health coach that covers metabolic syndrome diseases. Topics discussed included Sweetch’s origins, what next for digital health and wellness, and how the likes of Amazon and Apple will affect the sector.

First of all, where did the idea for Sweetch come from?

I have always been fascinated by human behaviour – and specifically technology’s potential to impact it. My background is in creating positive user experiences and generating long-term engagement through the gamification of banking services and other industries. I joined forces with Dr. Yossi Bahagon, Sweetch’s co-founder and chief medical officer, to create Sweetch out of a shared belief that it is possible for technology – specifically, the integration of behavioural change science with best-of-breed user experience – and advanced analytics to bring about lasting, highly personalized behavioural change and help people adapt to a healthier lifestyle at the population level.

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Numerous medical stakeholders — from providers to startups — are targeting diabetes management as a way to improve patients’ health and cut down on overall healthcare costs. But one company out of Israel wants to stay one step ahead by focusing on preventing diabetes altogether.

Founded in 2013, Sweetch offers an artificial intelligence-based platform that seeks to identify those at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Sweetch is using artificial intelligence to help change people’s lifestyles who are at risk for diabetes, which is a slightly different method for tackling the disease.

The Pennsylvania health system is rolling out an mHealth platform developed by Sweetch to improve the health and wellness of employees who may be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.