Ready to sell to self-insured employers?

These 40 questions will help you find out fast.

This guide covers practical issues such as


How do you ensure high registration and usage rates among members?

ROI measurement

How do you quantify your clinical and financial ROI and contextualize it to TCOC?

Broader value proposition

Tying into employers’ broader health plan strategy including DE&I and A&R

Integration & go live

What 3rd party services do you integrate into for usability, coordination and promotion?

Business model

Who pays and how can you best capture value created?

Broker messaging strategy

& much more…

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A must-read


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—- time saver for HSES founders.

CEO/Co-Founder – –


How budget holders prioritize decisions

We’ve interviewed leading HR benefits managers, benefits brokers and successful founders and documented findings on what works and barriers to adoption when selling to self-insured employers. 

Rise above the noise

Map your value proposition to health plan priorities and determine the right monetization up front that will allow you to share in the value you are creating and lower purchaser friction.


Avoid common mistakes

A contract in hand does not equal success – map proven leverage points for how digital health vendors can influence utilization. 

Why we built this resource

Too often we’ve seen founders start selling into the self-insured employer market without asking themselves the right questions on viability ahead of time

These are the 40 questions to determine if a startup is a good fit for this channel & covers –

  • Determining relative priority of the value proposition  
  • Planning for potential barriers to adoption 
  • Identifying who pays with precision 

Learn from self-insured employer experts

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