Dedi and Ofer are building the operating system for a new generation of health systems

TytoCare is developing the first FDA-approved, full stack software platform and handheld device to enable anyone, anywhere to perform an accurate physical examination for remote diagnosis at clinical-level data quality. Representing the next generation of telehealth technology, this platform powers modern health systems around the world.

The hassle and side effects that come along with many current invasive and pharmacological medical therapies aren’t for everyone. By combining an innovative approach to neuro-modulation with modern wireless communications and smartphone applications, Theranica is designing products with effective therapy treatments for a variety of severe and widely common medical problems – without degrading patients’ quality of life.

Assured Allies helps our parents age happier and independently by taking a more proactive approach to managing the risks of aging. Their approach relies on scientifically proven protocols to delay the need for costly long-term care services.

As digital data becomes the key driver of healthcare initiatives and workflows, there’s growing risk of patient information being leaked, exposed, and exploited. Protenus helps hospitals protect patient privacy in electronic medical records by using machine intelligence to identify and apply clinical context and detect HIPAA violations in real time.

Kit Check provides automated pharmacy kit and medication processing software for hospitals. The platform delivers a 90% reduction in pharmacy-kit processing time while simultaneously increasing kit accuracy, decreasing inventory and freeing pharmacist time for clinical work.

metaMe Health is currently developing Regulora for IBS to become the first FDA-cleared prescription-only digital therapeutic for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). More than 30 million Americans are affected by IBS, and the abdominal pain, diarrhea, and/or constipation that comes with it. Regulora for IBS provides relief by digitizing a standardized Brain-Gut therapy approach that has been clinically proven to be effective in reducing IBS symptoms.

PhysIQ is improving healthcare through personalized predictive analytics, providing patients, doctors and care providers with the earliest insight into deteriorating patient health. The company offers a remote patient monitoring system with predictive analytics technology that differentiates abnormal physiological behavior from normal physiological variation for each specific patient.

By developing a revolutionary platform that utilizes modern data and an advanced analytics engine, Sweetch is pioneering personalized diabetes prevention in pre-diabetes patients in large-scale.